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Enjoy History Expo 2016 This Weekend in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Events – History Expo 2016 is going on this weekend. It’s the perfect outing for collectors as well as those who want to get to know about the past.

expo history costa ricaOur past helps us understand where we are and where we are going.

The experience is not only about taking us back in time but also through various geographical regions. Some of the items on display are from Europe, Africa or Asia. Costa Rica has quite a collection from its own history too. Ticos tend to save things.

The Children’s Museum holds many artifacts that bring about nostalgia as well as contemplation. Architect Minor White specializes in historical collecting. He validates the story and claims behind bills, glassware, uniforms, weapons, cameras and more.

Furniture, ornaments, carpets and replicas of famous people are manufactured abroad and restored in a local workshop to ensure they adequately show what life was like in other centuries.

To participate in the exhibition and sale costs ¢3.500 or ¢ 2.500 for children and seniors. It is free for persons with disabilities.

It is open today and tomorrow from 9am to 7pm.

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