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Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – A permanent dental implant and a permanent crown within a few days? You think I am joking? I’m not. Dental implants are the big thing right now and thousands of Americans and others are coming to Costa Rica’s dentists to get their dental implants put in at a cost which is a fraction of what you’d pay in Chicago, New York or Atlanta.

dental implants costa ricaDo you imagine coming to Costa Rica with a total denture and leaving a few days later with a fixed bridge? Again this is possible.

You need to know what you are after as Dental implants are not all the same and might not suit you – horses for courses so the expression goes. The varieties are numerous: like blade form implants, two stage screws, sub-periosteals, endodontic Implants, one stage osteocompressives etc…

Implants get placed in Costa Rican dentists’ surgeries with the latest techniques and equipment; in some cases implants can be placed with a no Flap and no suture technique, just in minutes. This is an exclusive technique used by one Costa Rican dentist. “A Painless, non-invasive, stress-free procedure that saves time and money for patients”.

IV or Notrous Oxide Sedation is available for those who require it.

There are only 1 or 2 clinics that The Costa Rican Times recommends due to personal experiences there. One is The Costa Rican Dental Team which is the only American run clinic in Costa Rica with the highest standards in service and modern facilities. Saving $2500 or more on dental procedures like dental implants with a short flight to paradise is becoming more and more popular.

For a Free Quote on Dental Care from The CR Dental Team, click here.

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