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Currency Converter At The Costa Rica Airport; Bad Rates & Good Service

Costa Rica News – Tourists face a high exchange rate at the Juan Santamaria Airport airport, but the service is so convenient that they keep using it.

43 currencies are traded and several languages are spoken.

Global Exchange won the tender to be the only company offering this service in the airport.

People are willing to pay the higher rate because of convenience and service. They are seen any hour, any day, by someone who speaks their language.

The company is successful in 356 airports on 5 continents. It serves 4.8 million customers a year. It’s employees are bilingual. 40% are even trilingual. This adds a lot of value for visitors.

Another benefit is that the company offers a repurchase guarantee. For purchases over $300 for 50 days they can refund 50% of what was purchased at the same price that was originally applied. There’s also a 15 day 100% return policy for anyone who is dissatisfied with the price.

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