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CR Corporations Not Paying Taxes to Be Dissolved

Costa Rica News – Well for all those who have Costa Rican Corporations and either they are inactive or you have not paid taxes on them in three years, they are going to be dissolved.

Failure to pay the tax for three consecutive terms on a corporation in Costa Rica, will result in a dissolution of the corporation.

The previous was put into effect by the Law No. 9024  and also dictates the creation of a mortgage or lien on assets held until the tax debt is canceled. So if you do not pay these taxes a you will not be able to sell these assets as you will not be full owner.

“The National Registry will send a notice of dissolution to the official newspaper La Gaceta , in accordance with Article 207 of the Commercial Code, and shall cancel the registration and recording of goods, “says Article 6 of the Act.

According to Alan Saborio, managing partner of consulting firm Deloitte, to pay the tax and be a mortgage, and real property may be subject to an auction process to address the respective payment.

This January 31 is the deadline for payment of the second period for the recovery of this tax. The first ended on April 30, 2012.

January of 2014 will mark three years in arrears for companies that have never paid and that leads to the solution.

Even with a tax delinquency of two years, if the owners of companies did not pay the first period and or the second, there is still the possibility of paying the back taxes.

For those who did not pay the 2012 tax there is a 25% penalty of the tax due.

Those who fail to pay in 2013 they will have a penalty of 50% of the tax due.

For all those that have their houses and properties under a CR Corporation (which is pretty much everyone) this is going to require you to pay up to date property taxes. This rate is .25% of the property value.  So if you own a $100,000 valued property the amount of tax you will need to pay is about $250.  Pay it or have a lien put against your property.

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