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CR Businessman Arrested for Murder Seeks to Recover Investment

A businessman arrested on suspicion of sending someone to  kill an engineer in the Municipality of Perez Zeledon invested millions in a building that has been idle for three years. The building, located in Hoyon San Isidro de El General, only managed to rent space for a few months, a real estate company. In 2010, the city hall building valued at ¢ 106 million.

Deputy Prosecutor for Perez Zeledon, high investment and the inability to rent the building, led to its owner, businessman Ricardo Solis White, manage several times for permission to build a service station there.

The first request was made between 2007 and 2008 at the city engineer Álvaro Barrantes, as stated in the warrant against Black and three other defendants, issued by the Public Ministry and incorporated into the court record.

In court papers is explained that Ricardo Barrantes White informed that it was not possible to grant permission be requested by the building in a residential area.

Given the refusal, White spoke with councilors and other officials (no names mentioned) of institutions like the INVU and the National Emergency Commission (CNE) that influenced the municipal decision. Those efforts were unsuccessful.

This is, to the Deputy Attorney Perez Zeledon, the motive for allegedly violating the White ordered Barrantes life.

The attack occurred the morning of Jan. 17, when the victim left his home in Villa Ligia de Perez Zeledon, to go to work in the Municipality. Barrantes was shot twice but survived.

Suspicion of this crime are in prison and three months minus remand Ricardo Blanco, Jorge Luis Enrique Saborío Saborío and White Prado. For the last defendant, Ronald Leiva Araya, the measure was dictated in prison eight months.

The Attorney reported that even after the attack, White again requested permission to build the bomb in the ownership of Hoyon, which measures 1,869 meters square.

According to information from the National Register, Richard White is listed as a member of seven companies, which appear as owners of gasoline sales, shops and bus companies. Businesses are in Perez Zeledon, Osa and brokers.

Six of the properties registered in the name of White have mortgages with public and private banks for an amount of ¢ 162 million and $ 250,000.

Miguel Zamora Azofeifa, one of White’s defense lawyers said the court record is based on unsubstantiated evidence.

“They make a scandal of such magnitude that if you see the file might look like can not be right and no one speaks of a can be.

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