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Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano Stays Very Active

Costa Rica News – Volcano Poas makes headlines again, this time for expelling large rocks 30 centimeters high to a distance of 3 kilometers!

The park will be closed for Saturday and Sunday due to this event.

This explosion from the crater happened at 7:58 a.m. Details were shared by the National Emergency Commission, during a press conference at the Red Cross of Grecia, Alajuela.

Damage includes a crooked railing and a hole in a concrete floor. These rocks that went flying are fragments of the volcano dome that were fractured off in the eruption of Wednesday.

The CNE evacuated 15 tourists, workers and community residents from the immediate area. Senasa took an inventory of laborers in the region as well as cattle on nearby farms. That was a preventative measure.

Park rangers took photos of the damages caused. Ash and gases reached even further than the rocks, about 5 kilometers.

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