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Costa Rica’s New Plasma Labratory

Costa Rica News – With the exponential growth of plasma applications on scientists’ minds, the TEC plasma lab will be housed in a new place, in the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

The current headquarters is in Cartago.

They will build a two-story building with a total area of 1,050 square meters, to be located on the southern side of the ITCR lake.

The first two stages of construction will cost ¢200 million.

They are growing and it’s a positive thing that they need more space. They also plan to grow projects by adding new lines of research for sources of energy in industry, medicine and agriculture.

The plasma project is just one of the innovations taking place at ITCR.

The location allows the team to expand the human resource and even international collaboration, according to Ivan Vargas, the lab coordinator and winner of the National Clodomiro Picado Twight 2016 Technology Prize.

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