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Costa Rica’s Famous Toucan Grecia On Animal Planet Wednesday

Costa Rica News – Save the date of Wednesday August 3rd because at 9 pm Costa Rica’s most well known toucan is about to get even more famous by being featured on Animal Planet for the whole world to hear his story.

injured toucan costa rica 1As many of you know, Grecia suffered a terrible abuse that left him with only half his beak.

Many companies stepped up to make him a 3D beak replacement so he could eat and be more independent.

Paula Heredia, a Costa Rican filmmaker, was so moved by the story that she decided to make the documentary.

She hopes it will contribute to the creation of better laws about animal rights.

In an interview, the filmmaker explained that she worked closely with so many people in Costa Rica to make the story accurate and inspiring.

She worked on the project for over a year and a half with the help of ZooAve, government specialists and environmental groups.

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