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Costa Rica Welcomes It’s New K-9 Unit Graduates

Costa Rica News – Twenty-one canines have been generously donated by Costa Rican households for the Canine Unit (K-9) belonging to the Ministry of Public Security who’ll be graduating this coming Friday, as law enforcement officers to assist in narcotic detecting, locating explosives, and for the first time, assisting in discovering currency and counterfeit notes.

costa rica k-9 unit 1All these brand new agents obtained professional training in excess of 3 months, which had been provided by Colombian officers by means of international collaboration. Agents as well as their canines have been prepared to operate in every part of the country. Some of these locations include parks, streets, schools, aircrafts, containers, vehicles, borders, ports and airports.

The specialized team is comprised of eighteen men as well as three women that belong to a variety of differenr regional offices of the security forceso both the Canine Unit as well as the National Guard. Of the twenty-one canine officials, two are specialized in explosive detection, two in currency detection and seventeen in narcotic detection.

The graduating members belonging to the Canine Unit include breeds like Golden Retrievers, Belgian Malinois and Labradors, which were donated by citizens and have gone through a screening process. They were selected to be trained for three months in order to join the Costa Rica Fuerza Publica.

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