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Costa Rica Volcano Producing Acid Rain?

Costa Rica News – It seems one of the tourist attractions and wonders in Costa Rica might be causing problems for both the people living around the volcano and destroying crops in the area due to the low level of the lake inside the Poas Volcano.

Volcan Poas AlajuelaThe low level of the lake of the Poas volcano hot increased the possibility for increased venting directly to the atmosphere which can result in acid rain falling in the surrounding areas.

Those fumes in the past have caused respiratory problems, corroded metal structures and burned vegetation around the crater.

The warning came last Wednesday volcanologist Raul Amador Mora, National Seismological Network (RSN), University of Costa Rica (UCR), after a visit to the volcano.

The expert said the depth of the lake is one of the lowest in the past 15 years.

“At times the lake has been as deep as 50 meters and currently it is between about 9-12 feet deep,” he explained.

Mora added that both in April 1989 and in the same month of 1994, the lake dried up, prompting unrestricted gassing into the atmosphere, which became acid rain.

Experts attribute the low level of the lake to a significant decrease in the amount of rain, as the volcano remained at very high temperatures, which evaporated the water.

This process could be reversed if the rains increase. For volcanologists, water acts as a seal which prevents the free exit of gases.

The volcano is active and according to people studying the volcano there is no reason to expect an eruption. Those is the park have noticed a strong sulfur odor but have stated “there is no reason not to allow the arrival of tourists.” They have said however if they feel any effects of the gas they should leave the area.

If the volcano erupts we will know this was just another Costa Rican government cover up to protect the Easter tourist flow into the country.

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