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Costa Rica Uber Driver Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Minor

Costa Rica News – Well this will give fuel to the Costa Rica taxi drivers against Uber in the country.

uber costa rica 1An Uber driver was arrested, though not for working for the service some claim is operating illegally in the country. In this case, it was on charges of assaulting a 17 year old passenger.

The victim says the driver, Chinchilla, touched her legs inappropriately. The girl explained that she was going from San Pedro to Zetillal, where the fondling occurred, around 9 pm.

After the driver left the site some relatives of the victims did two smart things.

They alerted the police and requested Uber service at a nearby location. The same driver arrived, since he was already nearby.

Police were waiting for him. The victim identified him, a report was filed and the man was arrested.

Uber says they will cooperate with authorities if requested to be involved. So far the Ministry of Public Security has not contacted Uber.

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