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Costa Rica Trying to Reduce the Number of Motorcycle Accidents

Costa Rica News – If you have ever watched the motorcycles zooming in and out of traffic jams in order to get somewhere quicker, you know how many drive recklessly in Costa Rica.  

motorcycle-accidents costa ricaThe Road Safety Council (Cosevi) has launched a plan to combat and prevent motorcycle accidents on roads of Costa Rica starting next year.

The plan from Cosevi will include a profile of motorcyclists, prevention campaigns against accidents and reckless driving and proposals to improve road infrastructure. The initiative also aims to upgrade the road safety legislation and increase the amount of training that motorists receive.

Although the plan will formally begin in October of 2015, Cosevi will start to give workshops before the official start date to integrate the project before launch.

Germán Valverde, director of Cosevi, said the plan is part of a strategy that aims to decrease 20% of traffic accidents by 2020.

In 2013 there were 644 killed in motor vehicle accidents which exceeded the number of deaths by homicides (411) by 36%.

Juan Manuel Madriz, president of the Costa Rican Association of Recreational Motorcycling, said the country’s main weakness is driver education.

He stressed that bike and car drivers must learn the rules & regulations of driving the roads of Costa Rica.

Data analysis revealed that of the 3,226 deaths in motor vehicle related accidents in the past five years, the majority have been on a motorcycle.

The real question is will this program help or do there need to be more traffic officers on the road enforcing these laws?

If you have no accountability for driving recklessly there will no change.

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