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Costa Rica Times Fall Journalism Intern Program Announces Guest Instructors

Costa Rica News – Would you jump at the chance to spend this Thanksgiving zip-lining through Costa Rican rainforests and learning to surf in Pacific waters while being taught the different aspects of journalism? Well this is now a reality for those that are interested in gaining knowledge of the journalism field.

This fall in Costa Rica a journalism intern program kicks off to provide college students and adults alike the opportunity to have hands on experience with professional experts in the different fields of journalism; writing articles, developing podcasts, editing videos and taking photos. Not only will this knowledge prepare you for obtaining a paid position, it will also give you the ability to make enough money doing this on your own to provide you the freedom to work and live wherever you want.

The following guest instructors will all be involved in teaching the interns during their 6 week stay in Costa Rica.

Corey Coates – Radio/Podcasts

Corey started his ever-winding path as a professional musician, touring and recording throughout Canada and the United States with a long list of prolific (and not so prolific) artists, bands, and singer/songwriters. At 26, he retired from the road and began a lucrative teaching practice and project recording studio called Five Gallon Sound. During this time, he and a small team began working in commercial radio production and consulting for various stations throughout North America.

While in Costa Rica, Corey accepted the new position of Program Director for the Overseas Radio Network, overseeing the movement of the company assets offshore and re-launch of the radio station from the new broadcast facility in Jacó beach, Costa Rica.

Corey continues to enjoy living and working in Costa Rica and is now the host of This Week In Costa Rica on the Overseas Radio Network. Another one of his current projects is Podfly Productions LLC which is a boutique radio, podcast, and audio editing service.

scott alexanderScott Alexander – Professional Photographer

Scott Alexander is a fine art photographer specializing in natural, street, and model photography. He has travelled all over the world capturing unique images that reflect not only his appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us but that dig deeper and bring forth the true essence of his subjects. He is motivated by the wonderful curiosities and beauty in life and he derives contentment from stirring feeling and positivity in others through his work.

Apart from gallery shows in Miami and Costa Rica, Scott’s photography is regularly highlighted in journals, both in print and online. Sometimes called “The Photographer’s Photographer,” Scott Alexander has earned a respectable place in the photographic community and not just by the numbers, though those are certainly impressive: his website houses one of the largest online catalogues of a single photographer, he has a following in the tens of thousands across social media networks, and on Flickr alone (the largest photo sharing site online), his view-count is in the tens of millions, a feat surpassed by only a few entities.

Dan “Stevens” Chambers. – Article Writing/SEO/Blogging

Dan Stevens is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Information Systems with a certificate in International Business. After starting off in the corporate world in the USA a dream of something more drew him out of the traffic and office atmosphere he was living.

Dan has been in Costa Rica since 2006. Although he started off in IT life moved him in a different career path. His IT background allowed him to obtain the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Costa Rica News which served as a stepping stone to other opportunities.

After working with The Costa Rica News, he decided to start his own publication. He has taken the Costa Rican Times from just a vision to an online media source with over 5,000 readers each day and growing.

For more information about the program go to the website here.

You can also check out the tours and trips in Costa Rica that are included in the experience listed here.

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