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Costa Rica Joining the Pacific Alliance

Costa Rica News – President Chinchilla said, on Wednesday, that she hopes Costa Rica will soon join the Pacific Alliance, which works for free trade, as well as economic development, between Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Mexico. 

pacific alliance costa rica 1She commented on this theme in a speech at a Panamanian business forum. The event was a prelude to the Latin American Summit of Heads of State and Government. The speech was part of a debate titled, “Pacific Alliance and the impact on Latin America.”

Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli mirrored the comments, expressing a desire for his country to join the alliance. Other leaders who attended include the finance minister of Mexico, and representatives from Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Spain. Spain has observer status in the group.

Costa Rica was accepted to start the admission process with the alliance, due to its current trade agreements with nations willing to advance their practices on immigration and tariff and trade policies.

Chinchilla described the alliance as, “A block of nations that house a set of similar principles and values ​​towards the development and growth in line with the philosophy of their country which create an open economy, who fully believes in inclusion and setting very clear international competition rules.” She stated her optimism about the upcoming reality of Costa Rica becoming the fifth member.


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