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Costa Rica Crime Reporting App

Costa Rica News – I am torn on this new app to try to prevent and report crimes in Costa Rica.  My general sentiment is that this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of and on the other hand because Ticos love using their cell phones this might have some function.

An application ( app ) free for mobile devices allows citizens to report criminal acts at the moment they happen and look at a map to show where they are occurring. The incidents are recorded by users.

The app is called ” Public Safety CR” and has been available since December 21st on the Android system. It is expected to be able to be downloaded for iOS (iPhone and iPad) later this week.

The app allows users to report incidents and add photos simultaneously.

Information will go to a location map, which will support the work of the Police for these situations. The personal data of those who report some fact will not be visible.

The application also includes a number of safety tips for citizens and vacationers. These tips include crime prevention in public places, homes, bus stops or taxi, as well as tips on remaining safe when driving through dangerous areas.

The reasons I am torn on this is the following:


  • Ticos in general do not like confrontation so this will be an anonymous way for them to report crimes, this might increase crimes being reported
  • The map of where the crime is occurring will help a lot since directions are a bit hazy  in Costa Rica
  • Being able to take pictures will help in the crime reporting as well as having witnesses provide evidence of what actually happened as in many cases people will lie about what happened and if it is your word against a local, you lose almost every time


  • You still have to deal with the Costa Rican police and most are quite incompetent this is probably going to make them more confused
  • If someone pulls out their iphone or android phone to take pictures of a crime, there is a chance the perpetrators then steal their phone and injure that person
  • How is this different than taking pictures or video on your phone and calling 911?
  • Most likely the app has not been implemented properly and all the bugs taken out when it comes to logistics as is the case with new things that are put into motion by the Costa Rican government

I would recommend at this point just calling 911 and filing a report the old fashion way until this is a proven working entity.  Take pictures with you phone or record video and get witnesses if you are involved in or see a crime.


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One Comment;

  1. Tilaran said:

    Translation : Ticos are cowards and cops are misfits incapable of handling real employment requiring a brain. Problem 2 with Ticos is if you take one to visit a prison, he(or she) is related to 25% of the inmates and considers them “buena gente”.

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