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Chinchilla Freezes Salary; About $10,000/Month

Costa Rica News – As Laura Chinchilla’s presidential term comes to an end, many Costa Rican residents are discussing her time in office. There is not much anyone is saying positive about her time in office, but it seems that will not keep the PLN party for continuing to reign in Costa Rica with Johnny Araya leading in the polls.

laura chinchillaTo put salt into the wounds of a population where more and more people are falling below the poverty line she announced that she, for the fourth year in a row, froze the salaries of senior government officials.

She has agreed to leave her wage unchanged for this year. The freeze applies to the vice president, ministers, deputy ministers, heads of public institutions, and managers of state enterprises, as well, she explained.

“This has been adopted by the government in order to contribute to reducing the fiscal deficit and the economic situation,” she said. Her take home pay is 5 million colones, a bit over $10,000 per month.

The Minister of Labor met with representatives of the public sector unions to negotiate a salary increase. The parties agreed to meet again on the 20th, so that they can discuss the economic situation, inflation, and the biannual wage increase. Last year, the country closed with the lowest inflation rate it’s seen in four decades, 3.68 percent.

Well thank you Mrs. President.  It is so nice of you to not ask for more than the ridiculous salary you are taking home.

When are we going to get to a point where the salary of government officials is based on performance and approval rating.  This not only goes for Costa Rica, it should be instated in every democratic government……but never will. You would think the kick backs and perks of being in office would be enough for someone that is just a figurehead.


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