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China Complete’s Purchase of Costa Rica’s Soul; Donating & Building New Police Academy

Costa Rica News – I wonder how many shark fins were allowed to be taken by China out of Costa Rican waters? How many dollars went into the back pockets of those in the Costa Rican government? Little by little China is buying the soul of Costa Rica & at what long term cost? 

china buys costa rica soul200 Chinese workers are going to construct a new National Police Academy, for use by all of the police in Costa Rica. It costs $50 million to build and is a gift from the Government of China.

The building is to be located on 84 hectares in Pococí in Limón. They laid the very first stone just yesterday. President Luis Guillermo Solís was at the ceremony, as was the Security Minister and a Chinese Ambassador.

The work will be completed in two years if all goes as planned. When finished, it will accommodate 800 students and 300 staff in various academic modules, bedrooms, a library, dining room and chapel. It will provide training to law enforcement, Traffic Police and the Judicial Investigation Organization.

This will be the second property donated to Costa Rica by China, after breaking diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2007. The first donation was the National Stadium, which cost $100 million and involved 750 Chinese workers.

I know this might be  a need of Costa Rica but aren’t there more pressing needs like a water treatment plant and recycling plant? 

Seems the new administration has already been influenced by the Chinese dollars and gifts……nothing has changed. 

Let’s hope that teach ethics at this new police academy to make the hypocrisy complete. 


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