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Castaways Found on Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Costa Rica News – Three man ended up at the last Costa Rican border, Cocos Island, some 400 kilometers from their Ecuadorian town where they left for a fishing trip.

castaways costa rica 1The fisherman and his two assistants told quite the story.

They were assaulted and lost everything they had in the boat to the hands of robbers at sea. They even stole the gasoline. The threesome floated under the hot sun of the Pacific Ocean for about a month.

While stranded at sea, facing all sorts of inclement weather, their hometown suffered an earthquake.

Victor Bravo, the fisherman, did not realize he and his wife, who has cancer, lost their home in the disaster.

Since April 12, the castaways have been taken care of on Cocos Island which is protected by SINAC and MINAE rangers. All doors seem to be closed to getting them off the island.

Neither Costa Rica or Ecuador is accepting responsibility to transport them.

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