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Canadian Killed in Costa Rica, Was it a Hit?

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is relatively safe as long as you do not wonder into bad areas of town or flaunt expensive cars, jewelry and money. Although known as gringolandia for all the expats that live in the area, Ezcazu is not known for violent crimes which raises an eyebrow into the murder that happened today.

brad deering canadian killedBrad Deering, a 42-year-old Canadian man who has be a resident in Costa Rica for some time now, was killed Thursday by three unidentified gunmen who police believe were attempting to burglarize a home in an upscale neighborhood of Escazú, southwest of the capital.

According to Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ), the three men arrived at the home in Guachipelín around noon, dressed as private security officers, entered the property and tied up a security guard.

Deering and three other people inside the home were also attacked and tied up.

Police said Deering was shot three times while trying to escape. The suspects fled the scene after the shooting. The OIJ spokesmen said no further information is immediately available, and the case is under investigation.

A Canadian Embassy spokeswoman said they will address the issue after talking to Deering’s family.

I know in reporting you are not supposed to make hunches or try to publish anything that is just a gut feeling, but I do not happen to follow the rules.

This had been planned for a while and I do not think it was just a burglary.

This looks like a hit to me.  This was done in broad daylight.  They had a mission, go in, kill Deering, and then get out.

A source told the Costa Rican Times, “Deering had money and was not low key about it. ”

The more and more evidence coming out in this case is leading to the conclusion that Brad Deering had made a lot of enemies in his business negotiations in Costa Rica.  One of his enemies seemed to have finally got fed up with seeing pictures of his lavish lifestyle posted on facebook.

The truth is we will probably never find out the real truth about this incident.  Brad Deering will most likely be marked down as victim of a home invasion, even if that is not the truth.

(Pictures from facebook)

The Last Picture of Brad Deering

brad deering

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  1. Tom said:

    For many of us who knew Brad, we all pretty much knew he made a living on the shady side of the street. He was a nice enough guy, but you would never invest or get involved with anything he was doing. From online pharmacies that never shipped medicine, to gold futures scams, he had no shortage of ex-partners/investors turned enemies.

    This was not the first brush with ‘investors’ he had. On several other occasions, his home became the scene of violence when former associates came to settle accounts.

    Not helping matters, Brad’s facebook page was home to countless photos of extravagant living and exotic vacations taken with his victim’s money.

    So who killed him? We may never know. But one thing is for certain, this was not a burglary. It was someone who knew he would be sleeping in after a long night of partying. The assassins took care not to seriously harm the other occupants of the house.

    Unfortunately, Brad leaves behind a child with a local woman. But it seems all his other accounts are now settled. Rest in Peace.

    • dougpi said:

      Well I was told that he was a good guy. I/we would like a chance to work with O.I.J. on this investigation on the arrest and capture. There were some big mistakes made here that let this protocol was not followed!

  2. Juan Eduardo said:

    I did not know the victim or his behaviour in Costa Rica. What I do know for a fact is that mostGringos live in gated communities with armed guards “and with homes that have bars on the windows”. They do not live under such conditions because they enjoy living in prison condtions, it’s because they know for a fact that Costa Rica is a dangerous country to live in, especially if your are not Hispanic. Although being wealthy and flaunting it might increase the chances of being murdered, there are also numerous day time muggings of average tourists around Costa Rica every day, especially at the beaches. I like almost every Tico I’ve ever met, and I think it’s sad that some of them must result to crime to suppliment the very poor wages they earn. I personally feel that if government didn’t exploit the citizens with outrageous import taxes and low minimum wages, that the crime rate in Costa Rica would be much less.

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