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Beautiful Costa Rican Women Apply Now!

Costa Rica News – I always think to myself this would be the best website to be able to hack in Costa Rica.  You would get all the information for beautiful women that are unmarried, without children and either college graduates or in college.  Being that I cannot seem to find an educated woman over the age of 23 without a child, I would love this list!

miss costa rica 1This will begin the selection for Miss Costa Rica, where 10 people will be selected to chosen as finalists for the pageant to determine who will represent Costa Rica is the Miss Universe competition.

Starting this Friday, and for a month, the girls interested in participating may register via the Internet, according to Channel 7, which owns the franchise. The winner will represent the country in the most important beauty contest in the world, the Miss Universe.

“From March 15 (Friday) and until April 15 girls will be able to register on the site It is not opened yet because the Miss Universe has given neither the date nor location of the competition.

Miss Costa Rica 2013 will be held in early July, and ten finalists will fight for the national crown.

My favorite thing is the requirements to be a contestant.

The maximum age is 26 years old. They must also be over 18, Costa Ricans, unmarried, without children and students or university graduates. In addition, the minimum height is 1.68 m (5 foot 5).

Not to be an ass but where are these women? Are they hiding and being protected by their parents?  How many of these women are in Costa Rica? I think I have run into 2 of these women the entire time I have been in Costa Rica and if I had known that they were that rare I would have tried a little harder to date them.

I guess putting up a Craigslist ad asking for the same requirements would not get many hits……but hacking this database……can it be done?


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