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Art Exhibit in Costa Rica is a Tribute to the Earth

Costa Rica Entertainment – Luis Fernando Quirós, Luis Chacón and Roberto Guerrero are curating a collective exhibition in which 40 artists pay tribute to the Earth.

costa rica artThis is occurring at the National Gallery in the Children’s Museum.

The Earth is becoming fragile and we are at a critical moment in history, making its future. Inspired to speak to this point, 40 artists will expose their works related to the theme from June 16th to July 31st.

The Tribute to Earth is about the promotion of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

There are paintings, sculptures, photography, video, animations, collages and more.

The works bring out emotions, hope and a desire to protect the Earth. There are also workshops on environmental protection.

To reserve a spot for any of the activities, write to [email protected] or call 2258-4929.

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