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An Intro to Costa Rica’s Cirque du Soleil

Costa Rica News – Have you seen the 3D movie Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away? Now you have the opportunity to see this magnificent group perform live! They are practicing for the release of their new numbers in the coming show, Varekai.

Cirque Du Soleil main costa rica 1Known in Latin America as Circo del Sol, Cirque du Soleil will perform in Costa Rica at Hacienda Espinal soon. The show is seen through the perspective of two experts. It defies gravity.

You won’t want to miss these risky and adventurous tricks!

You can arrive by bus or car. If you go by car there are two ways to get there: Route 27, or San Rafael de Alajuela.

If you go by bus , you have two options. From San Jose, the transport company is the leading Fernando Zuniga. Buses leave every hour behind the church of La Merced. The fare is ¢ 535. Normally reach the La Reforma prison, but this month, the buses arrive to Hacienda Espinal. The bus takes 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

There will be ample parking and special handicap spots. Tents will contain merchandise to purchase such as T-shirts and souvenirs as well as carnival food like popcorn and hotdogs.

A VIP service is available in the Tapis Rouge tent. The tents have air conditioning for your comfort. For the safety of the artists, please do not use cameras with flash.

Take part in the show by choosing carefully what you wear. The recommended attire for women is colorful and eccentric miniskirts and strapless tops. For men, jeans and denim jackets are best. Everyone should think of psychedelic mismatched prints.

Wear comfortable shoes.

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