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Amputee Athlete Gets Back On The Track At Costa Rica’s National Stadium

Costa Rica News – An athlete who suffered an amputation is back on the track of the National Stadium.

He accepted the challenge to return to training, this time on crutches! He had the desire to regain the adrenaline of racing.

Sherman Güity accepted the Dos Pinos team promoter, Rafael Castro’s challenge just 14 days after suffering a traffic accident that resulted in losing part of his left leg.

He ran the track on crutches just 22 hours after leaving the hospital.

He has been living it up since leaving the hospital, eating his aunt’s rice and beans that he craved and going to Pizza hut for lunch. He was approached there by fans coming to congratulate him on his combative spirit.

The 20-year-old sprinter ran 75 meters with applauding friends. He was happy to get back to the track which he considers his second home and his favorite place.

He’s planning to keep in shape so that in three months when he can use the prosthesis he will be physically fit.

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