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A Summary of the Calero Island Costa Rica/Nicaragua Dispute

Costa Rica News – What’s the big deal about Calero Island, you may be wondering as it has been in the news on and off for five years now.

calero island costa rica 1Costa Rica says that it has sovereignty over the land and that Nicaragua owes payment for environmental damage. Nicaragua also claims rights to fees for environmental damage, along the San Juan river, for alleged damage created when Costa Rica made a border trail.

It all started in October 2010 when a Nicaraguan gang invaded Calero Island. That set off a chain of boundary disputes. Nicaraguan military were present in Calero a few days later and soon after it was discovered that there were artificial canals through Costa Rican territory diverting water from the San Juan River.

The International Court of Justice is going to make a ruling on both claims today.

That will be the final answer, closing this chapter of history once and for all. I believe the ruling will favor Costa Rica.

There was an agreement about the border trail and Calero has always been part of Costa Rica.

Additionally, the court made Nicaragua pay for damage to Calero Island back in 2013.

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