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Working for The University of Costa Rica Could Mean Big Bucks

Costa Rica News – I have been working in the wrong area or at least for the wrong institution in Costa Rica.

UCR costa ricaSalaries, including bonuses, for various workers at the University of Costa Rica have been released to the public, based on the amounts the university pays the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

The general trend is surprising because many workers, even with relatively simple positions, are being paid better than experts in other places of employment. The question is why. Another question is how can one get a job with the university.

Internal traffic police make ¢1,057,526 about $2,000, on average. The highest paid such employee makes ¢2.7 million about $5,400.

The traffic cops that work for the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation make between ¢630,000 and ¢800,000 about $1,250 and $1,600. What a difference!

Many workers at the university are making higher salaries than the those at the Costa Rican Electricity Institute are making.

The highest paid librarian makes ¢3,100,000 about $6,200. There are janitors and construction workers making ¢1,300.000 about $2,600!

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