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Will “Cuba Dave” Go Down for “Promoting Sex Tourism” in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Although the name was never released it is becoming more and more obvious that the 65 year old man arrested at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria airport was the infamous “Cuba Dave”.

cuba dave arrestedHe is known from his exploits in the Dominican Republic and now Costa Rica.  The exploits we are talking about is with the females of the night (prostitutes) in both locations. 

According to QCostaRica “The OIJ press office says the 65 year-old man, whose identity was not released to the press, had been under investigation by the Sección de Delitos Contra la Integridad Física, Trata y Tráfico since earlier this year, after receiving confidential information, saying the suspect dedicated himself to promoting sexual tourism through a social network.

The OIJ says they were able to confirm that the suspect uploaded photos and videos on the social network, promoting Costa Rica a sex tourism destination.”

When it comes to “sex tourism” in Costa Rica it is a huge business. Be it guys coming down to get dental work done and having nights of pleasure to guy’s coming down for bachelor parties.  Most of this activities are common knowledge but are promoted very quietly…… from comments around the web and on forums this was not what “Cuba Dave” was doing.

One comment said “I’ve met the guy a couple of times, although he’s not a close friend. His philosophies are different from mine, and that’s OK. It’s his notoriety and his outspoken nature that attract attention to him and get him into trouble. There are tens of thousands of guys who do what he does in Costa Rica, they just don’t have a blog and a website about it.”

When you bring attention to yourself this is when people take notice and you can get in trouble.  

Only time will tell the results of these accusations but one thing is for sure, his time promoting these activities in Costa Rica is coming to an end.



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