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Wildlife Paradise in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has several of the greatest blue water fishing found anywhere in the world and draws serious anglers from far and wide,

this small country’s capital of nature also holds endless attraction.

A gigantic collection of plants and animals can be found in this tropical heaven, much of it preserved in twenty six well-maintained national parks in Costa Rica. The flora and fauna rich rural area represents a key attraction for tourists, botanists and biologists.

One of the greatest National parks in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio. This park is home to over a hundred species of mammals, almost two hundred species of birds, and a diverse treasure trove of reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Costa Rica also boasts a stunning spectrum of bird-life, mainly hummingbirds, isolated rain-forest groups can be tricky to see and recognize. In Manuel Antonio National Park you can find a yellow-crowned night heron, a pale vent pigeon, a fiery-billed aracari (known as a Costa-Rican toucan), and brown pelicans on the beach.

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