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What Should You Pack for a CR Vacation?

Costa Rica Travel News – Rainforests in Costa Rica are hot and humid while the cities in the central valley are cool and breezy. The variety of climates in Costa Rica can make packing for a week-long trip as overwhelming as packing for a year-long one. The goal of this article is to educate you on what you should prioritize when packing.

costa rica packing list for a vacationThe most important thing to remember is your passport! Other necessary documents include your flight and hotel confirmations, insurance card, and license. Leave a copy of these in your suitcase, at home with a friend, and one to keep on you at all times. Originals should be locked away in a hotel safe. Pack small amounts of U.S. and local cash as well as two credit cards.

Hotels will have towels, soap, shampoo, and hair driers so leave these behind. You will want to bring a razor, deodorant, and tooth and hair brushes. Sunscreen and bug spray are also essential. A first aid kit may be helpful but pharmacies are readily available and usually have at least one English speaking staff member.

Lightweight, quick-drying layers are your best bet. You can mix and match layers depending on where you are.  This is better than bringing changes of clothes on every bus from the city to the beach or the rainforest to the cloud forest. Bring at least one pair of long pants. Three pairs of shoes is a good number. Water shoes, sneakers, and dressy shoes for nights out. Bring one small bag to bring important items on your daily outing. Make sure that it fully closes.

Bring a camera and a calculator. The calculator is for converting currency so you don’t get ripped off!  Bring a few plastic bags for wet clothes or umbrellas. A hat, sunglasses, and an umbrella complete your packing list.

If you have more than one suitcase per person you packed too much. It will be inconvenient and uncomfortable to travel with more than that.

By Kerry La

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