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Want a Costa Rica Police Car for Christmas?

Costa Rica News – For all those that are looking for a Costa Rica police car for Christmas you might be able to have that.

Want to see more police patrols around your house this holiday season. The Policias de Costa Rica has the answer, buy a toy police car.

On their Facebook page, Policias de Costa Rica is selling the toy cars to all “lovers of Christmas and the Fuerza Publica”.

They don’t have a price, only a phone number – 8555 1004 – to call.

So I called.

Manuel Retana answered the phone, explaining that the toy is made of metal, is battery powered to turn on the lights and sound of the motor. However, they are sold out and to send him a message by way of WhatsApp where he would kindly let me know when stock is available.

Cost? ¢20,000 colones.

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