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Volcano Experts Watching Poas for Eruptions

Costa Rica News – Volcanologists warn that the Poas Volcano might erupt again. This is based on evidence of pressure buildup underneath the warm water lake.

poas volcano costa rica 1The National Seismological Network and the University of Costa Rica agreed in a statement saying that fumes could be strong and that gas and sludge might reach 500 meters high again in the near future.

Experts recommend taking extreme safety measures to protect all park visitors. Those with respiratory problems should postpone visits. Others will only be allowed to stay at the viewing point for 20 minutes, to avoid any problems related to the fumes.

The recent eruptions on October 8th and 15th reached 300 and 500 meters. The mud and ash reached all the way to the tourist lookout, visitor center and parking lot which is 1.5 km away from the lake. They were considered simple eruptions as there was no presence of magma.

The largest recent eruption was in 2006, when it reached 1,000 meters. Since then most eruptions have been just 10 to 100 meters. With the warning of upcoming significant eruptions, it is important to follow all protocols set by the officials at the volcano.

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