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Vanessa Harris; A Story of an Alien Abduction

Ghosts & the Supernatural – ‘ll just skip the BS and get right to it. My mother used to find me in the front yard in the dead of Winter or Summer – it didn’t matter. However the front door was always locked and as a child I didn’t have the key to leave the house and lock the door behind me. She also took a pic of me standing in the front yard looking up at the sky with snow all around me but no prints leading to me. In other words I was put there. She always just told me I was sleep walking because I would ask her what is she doing here-outside.

alien_abductionGrowing up I remember my mother had all sorts of weird books. Chariot of the Gods was one of them. Watching Ancient Aliens yrs later I recognized the book and several pics of this or that they would show. I had seen it all before. Fast-forward early 20’s-Im now 44. Several abductions and I am certain my eggs were taken and used. They know I know.

I can’t remember as clearly as some but I do remember one time being with them-I know it was in their ship. One of them-a grey was showing me a star map on their ship. It was like Star Trek with the computer image as a hologram. I was looking and listening-they don’t talk. I don’t believe they have vocal cords. It’s all in your head you have the conversations. That particular time I became fully aware of my surroundings and I looked at him-I feel it was male and he looked at me and when I blinked I was back home. In an instant.

Another thing that happened a few years ago. I felt like I had been taken again. You feel different-exhausted-you know. Also bits and pieces of memories but you think it’s just stuff you saw on TV maybe. It’s not it’s them. OK I’m sitting there watching the news-fully awake and alert and are you ready? SOUND comes out of my right eye. I felt it emanating from the pupil. My eye reverberated with the dull low sound but the most interesting thing was the actual wave I could see. Like a tornado vortex. It dissipated about a foot out of my eye. I watched it with my left eye. Same dayalien_abduction 1 about an hour later I can hear radio transmissions coming from INSIDE the top of my skull. So much so I actually looked up -like I could somehow see into my head.

I have heard the sounds of metallic radio-like searching the radio station static inside my head. Its specific the location. I suspect I have an implant or two. They know I know, they are not our friends. They are harvesting us for the future. The Greys anyways. There are more species out there. They appear neutral but there’s a plan. That lady is right they view us as cattle and a zoo. The prison planet theory holds some weight too. Sometimes at night I hear the sounds coming from inside my head. I’m not hearing it with my ears. It wakes me up or keeps me awake a lot. I sleep with the light on and for a while I slept tied to my son. I was afraid. Although I know that’s not going to stop them they come when they have a need for data. Every few years and sometimes a few times in the same year.

Now about me so you don’t think I’m some quack. I am a nurse and regular girl in the world. It’s not fun and its actually depressing to know we are viewed as experiments. It’s also very lonely. Who can you tell? Who will believe you?

Sometimes to test the waters I may bring up alien movies etc. just to see how people react. Most people either don’t WANT to believe it or simply don’t/wont. Yes some are kind of our friends. They keep the greys at bay. There’s also reptilian looking creatures, but they aren’t dinosaurs-highly advanced. They might have taken DNA from dinosaurs. Also I was ‘told’ everything on earth including the first bacteria-to creating the atmosphere was from them. They gave us everything. Language binary code etc. It’s all from somewhere else as are we originally. There’s no doubt at all they exist. The question is what will they do to us?

Looking back at my childhood I suspect my mother KNEW and that was the source of her interest in ‘alternative’ readings. There’s more but I don’t know where to begin. I’m just telling you the gist. I’m just glad someone wants to hear it.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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