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United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Approves Aid to Costa Rica

Wagers are already being placed on how much of this will go into the pockets of government officials.  The Director General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), José Graziano da Silva officially granted Costa Rica one million six hundred thousand dollars which will serve to give impetus to small producers. This shows that the UN has too much money that they are throwing blindly around.

The announcement was made minutes after holding a meeting with President Laura Chinchilla, the Minister of Agriculture Gloria Abraham, and Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo.

The cooperative model offers unique solutions to “free people from hunger and poverty in a globalized world in which crises, including climate change, touch everyone”, President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla said today in a speech at FAO.

“FAO began a period in which the environment has become crucial, and it is because of Costa Rica’s same understanding that makes it a candidate for this donation because environmental protection is our hallmark,” explained Fernando Sanchez, Ambassador to the Vatican.

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva held up Costa Rica as a model of the economic, social and environmental role that cooperatives can play. He cited the production by Costa Rican cooperatives of carbon neutral coffee as an example.

The contribution provided by FAO does not need to be paid back and will be delivered over the course of the next two years. Abraham explained that this amount will be used to implement programs to encourage the agriculture production sector.

Sanchez also explained: “We look to Costa Rica as a donor of knowledge, and with the experience and expertise gained from the projects organized by FAO, they can then be copied by others.”

Using her country as an example President Chinchilla stressed that cooperatives can make a major contribution to sustainable development and the competitiveness of small agricultural producers.

Graziano da Silva added that FAO, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP), are working together to identify new ways to support cooperatives.


  1. chris luke said:

    This is a most excellent contribution. However I also would agree that a good portion of the $ will find its way into the Costa Rican political pockets and NOT implemented in the proper fashion that the UN mandates. For this to work in a positive fashion, the UN will need to implement a balance sheet. Kind of like a P and L statement of some sorts. Proof of the world donations being used for the Costa Rica needs.

    • chris luke said:

      On second thought, education here in Costa Rica is most lacking. I live in Liberia which is basically the center point of Costa Rica agriculture, and BELIEVE me, it is not lacking, with the exception of the food and health guidelines for food sales and preparations. Costa Rica can sustain itself agriculturally, it has for hundreds of years it seems. Its traditions have been handed down from family to family members of the next generation. If the UN truly wants to contribute to Costa Rica and make this country a successful factoring nation to the planet earth, then maybe pushing some modern day educational methods its way. Like most Latin American nations, Costa Rica lacks in world literature and is years behind in modern day mathematics and scientific teachings. With the national feeling of Pura Vida and the Catholic idealism’s it is not a far cry from Costa Ricas mediocrity in every day work ethics. Educate the masses! Educate the masses! and it does not necessarily need to be all of western civilization teachings. It is of great importance and proven throughout world history that Asia has been a major contributor to modern day thinking and especially in the realms of mathematics.

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