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Uber Formally Trying to Come to Costa Rica by Meeting with MOPT

Costa Rica News  – The traditional taxi services are organizing opposition to the entry of Uber in Costa Rica.

uber costa rica 1There is a lot of competition for this sort of service with very tight margins. Uber is an unwelcome disruption to existing taxi services, according to the taxi drivers.

The executives of Uber have requested a meeting with the MOPT minister next week. Meeting times have not been confirmed, however Uber executives are keen to negotiate an agreement with MOPT to operate in Costa Rica.

Uber is currently operating in 58 countries. Each country has unique regulatory conditions, however the technology and concept are easily adapted to these local regulations.

The advanced cell platform in Costa Rica is already in place for Uber. This is a key component for Uber to operate successfully.

The Uber app is necessary for both the drivers and the passengers to communicate.

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