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Treatment of Animals Under Question at Costa Rica’s Territory of Zaguates

Costa Rica News – Senasa had to enter the Territory of Zaguates after the denunciation alleging the bad state of the animals living there.

The organization has received such complaints before but never with photos until now.

The owners of the shelter insist that Senasa entered illegally, without permission, but the normal protocol was followed, such as notifying the shelter the day before, according to Senasa.

The inspection was carried out on Wednesday.

The stray dogs living there were found to have serious skin problems, infections, sores and parasites. Senasa found non-compliance with the minimum conditions required by law for animal welfare, such as animals visibly ill and in deplorable physical condition.

There were also injuries and wounds caused by fighting. Senasa also noted a lack of feeders and drinkers and shelters appropriate for the amount of animals.

The shelter has also been in trouble for over 150 dogs escaping and for keeping dead dogs in a refrigerator.

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