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Travel Tips; Most Dangerous Areas in CR

Costa Rica Travel News – The safest country in Central America is Costa Rica; however, not all parts of it are safe. No country is exempt from bad neighborhoods. There are some places to avoid when making your travel plans. Keep them in mind and enjoy a vacation in the safest parts of the safest country.

costa rica dangerous areasIn the city of San Jose you will want to avoid taking out maps, wearing flashy jewelry, or otherwise announcing that you are a tourist. Petty theft is very common here. Carry your bag in front of you on city streets and buses. Stay away from the Del Rey Hotel area, known for prostitution and crime.

The nearest beach to the city is Jaco, where young travelers often come to party. If you are bringing kids this is not a good location to choose. Explicit adult activity is present on the streets at night. Young single travelers should carry only the money they need for the night. Jaco is great during the day but do not take out the kids after about 9 pm at night.

Tamarindo is the most famous beach for tourists. Stay with friends and avoid going to secluded places with strangers. Drugs are everywhere in this area. Look out for and avoid anyone who appears to be using drugs.

Limon is a port town which is the poorest in the country. Because of the port, cocaine trafficking abounds. Murders occur in this area. Police seem to have lost control of this part of the country. It’s not a tourist destination but if your bus passes through it be aware and avoid wandering away from the bus or using ATMs.

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