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The Physical, Metaphysical, and Mystical

Since what lies below has erupted above ground with the presidential election in the United States, it’s become urgently important to understand the difference between the physical, the metaphysical, and the mystical dimensions in human consciousness.

twin-towers-attackThe terrorist attack of 9.11 is a good example of metaphysical synchrony on both sides, rather than a physical conspiracy on just one side or the other.

Overwhelming evidence points to the evil genius of Osama bin-Laden as the primary architect and funder of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. (And, but for passenger intervention on Flight 93, the Capitol or White House.)

However there are enough questions and domestic evidence about the events of that day to acknowledge an underlying connection on the American side. These include the Bush Administration’s ignoring warnings of an impending attack; and following it, the way the terrorist attack fit mortise and tenon with the creation of a new, trillion-dollar ‘homeland security’ industry, as well as the long-desired re-invasion of Iraq. Not to mention the entire sordid relationship with Saudi Arabia, from which nearly all the hijackers emanated.

The question is, was there a conscious conspiracy, or an underlying metaphysical concurrence? My view is that there was an underlying concurrence, without conscious design or participation on the US side, as 9.11 truthers believe.

Therefore by the metaphysical dimension I simply mean causal, largely unconscious motivations and connections in human consciousness, which aren’t presently understood.

A less volatile, but no less contentious and conspiracy-laden (pardon pun) example of metaphysical concurrence is the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the peak of his powers and presidency by the weak, pathetic cipher Lee Harvey Oswald. Many people simply cannot fathom that such a nobody, operating alone, could change the course of American and world history.

And they are right, but not because Oswald consciously conspired with the Mafia, CIA, Soviets/Cuba or pick-your-baddie-daddy power. The skeins of ‘coincidence’ run much deeper and wider, and are much harder to disentangle. Indeed, events such as the JFK assassination or 9.11 are impossible to completely unravel.

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to do so. We can begin to understand them by realizing that the human psychological dimension gives rise to a virtually unexamined human metaphysical dimension, and that in turn the metaphysical dimension feeds back into psychological processes in conduit individuals.

This is important not only for comprehending and de-participating in the origins of fascism and war, but because the metaphysical dimension is operating in our personal lives. People who aren’t inwardly dead need to understand it to endure and grow.

Other than scientific knowledge, most philosophers believe the psychological dimension is the only one open to us. Beyond the metaphysical realm that emerges from the subconscious, subterranean movement of darkness however, there is also the mystical dimension (for lack of a better term), which is completely distinct and unrelated to it.

The numinous transpires in the human mind and brain when thought and emotion are completely and attentively still. That is, higher, true states of being come to light when the entire interpretive mechanism (symbols and memories—words, images and associations stored in the brain) fall effortlessly silent.human-consciousness

Are there free-floating, non-supernatural (that is, having some kind of physical reality) entities in human consciousness that pull the strings of powerful and asymmetrically powerless people?

I’m not referring to full-out possession of the ‘Exorcist’ variety, the stuff of movies and priestly battles royal. Rather the much more mundane and common form, what I call conduit activity, which normalized darkness in America long before Trump hitched his wagon to it.

People who are clinging to the irrelevancy that “Hillary won the popular vote by over 2 million,” or the half-truths of white nationalism or anti-globalization job insecurity, are refusing to look at underlying metaphysical causes, chief among which is that the American people, as a people, died over a generation ago.

This is obviously a spreading global phenomenon, imperiling the human spirit. Fortunately the dead, if they fully acknowledge their deadness, can come back to life. But we must first consider the living, for the dead rarely do come back to life, which is why Jesus said, “Let the dead bury their dead.”

There comes a point at which what is inside and what is outside becomes a distinction without a difference. To be a conduit is to be someone who acts out of unconscious things at once within and beyond one.

Self-knowing is the only prevention, and the only cure. Indeed self-knowing, which entails acknowledging and instantly coming to and remaining with the darkness that is within all of us, turns the tables on Darkness, since one thereby renders the material of transmission into the material of continuous learning.

Then, we are no longer contributing to the rule of metaphysical darkness. The mystical dimension begins to transform our lives, and through us begins to manifest in the global society as the ever-changing order and intelligence of the universe.

Martin LeFevre

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