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The Moin Container Terminal Could Face Typical Costa Rica Delays

Costa Rica News – The Moin Container Terminal, referred to as TCM, will likely be ready by January 2018 but will be forced to remain closed until the Government builds a 2.8km access road to it.

moin container terminal costa rica 1The financing for this road, national route 257, has yet to be defined and the construction is a long way off.

The commitment to build the road is a condition in the concession contract with the Dutch company APM Terminals.

If the road is not completed in a timely manner the state could be fined millions in compensation. APM terminals have asked the Government weeks ago to begin the construction.

The objective is to set a financing mechanism in place by January and begin the process of contracting and constructing.

The new port is intended to serve Panamax container ships that can carry 8,500 containers.

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