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The Life of Underage Prostitutes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For almost all of them the stories they tell are sad.  Many people think this is a life they have chosen without knowing that for most of these girls it was their only option to survive.

underage costa rica prostituteThe underage prostitutes we see on the streets of San Jose share similar stories.

Many started around the age of 13. They are camera shy and afraid that PANI will take them off the streets where they make easy money.

It wasn’t always easy for them though. Some were abused as children and others rejected because of their sexual identity.

As vulnerable young kids they are attracted to anyone willing to help get them started and protect them.

We see them on the sidewalks in miniskirts and overdone makeup, rosy cheeks and false eyelashes. Those who are transvestites often inject hormones to gain breasts to show off.

These kids left home early, likely because they had no other choice. They now rent hotel rooms, live on secluded corners and abandoned cars.

They get addicted to drugs and begin to find it normal to go with a different man each night.

The only way that this epidemic is cured is offering other opportunities for these women to help them have a brighter future.

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