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The Ins & Outs of the Miss Costa Rica Pageant

Costa Rica Entertainment – There are only 9 Miss Costa Rica candidates this year due to 1 resigning for unknown reasons. Beauty pageants are a popular part of Latin American culture.

miss costa rica 2015There are many local pageants that lead up to the choosing of the country representative.

Héctor Joaquín Colón of Puerto Rico and Basilio Quesada of Costa Rica, both well-known beauty pageant experts, have stated their commentary on each of the Miss Costa Rica contestants, but the winner is not set in stone yet.

Due to the disparaging remarks regarding Mexicans by Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe franchise, the crowned Miss Costa Rica 2015 will boycott the Miss Universe contest.

Miss Costa Rica 2015 will enjoy the highest amount of prize money in the pageant’s history, 5 million colones (US$9K), as well as all the perks and accolades being crowned Miss Costa Rica bring to the winner.

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