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The Different Areas (Provinces) of Costa Rica & Real Estate Prices in Each

Costa Rica Real Estate – Costa Rica is an exotic tropical paradise in the heart of Central America situated between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Its varied landscapes, mild climate, intense array of biodiversity, environmental attractions and friendly locals made it a very popular tourist and retiree destination.

costa rica real estateIf you are planning on visiting or purchasing real estate property in Costa Rica it is best that you know the basic information, tourist attractions and state of real estate market in each of Costa Rica’s provinces.

Alajuela – Central Valley Region

Alajuela is a province that is situated in the north-central part of Costa Rica that borders Nicaragua to the north with a population of 885,571. This province is home to the two most active volcanoes in Costa Rica, Poás Volcano and the Arenal Volcano, and a couple of popular major rivers like the Tarcoles River that is known for its crocodile population. There are several ecosystems in the province of Alajuela which is the number one reason for tourists visiting Costa Rica; Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Carara National Park and Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve to name a few.

The City of Alajuela is the capital of Alajuela province and is the third largest city in all of Costa Rica. It is also where the Juan Santamaria International Airport is built.

Unlike San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, Alajuela has a more relaxed atmosphere and a gentler pace making it a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of San Jose. It is the main trade center for cattle, sugar and coffee and hosts one of the country’s largest fresh farmers market every Saturday.       

Great value properties are available to all types of real estate buyers in Alajuela. You can find inexpensive condominiums, family homes and residential lots in this province. A two bedroom condominium can be rented for as low as $600 per month, residential family home with four beds can be leased for $900 a month. You can buy a countryside townhouse in Alajuela for just $290,000 and countryside home construction lot for $17,850.

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Cartago – Central Valley Region

This province is located in the most central part of Costa Rica and borders Limon and San Jose provinces with a population of 490,903. Cartago is considered as one of Costa Rica’s smallest provinces but doubtlessly is the richest during the Spanish Colonial era and traditions.

Cartago is the capital city of the Cartago province. It was Costa Rica’s first capital dating back 1563 when the Spanish governor Juan Vasquez de Coronado founded the city up until 1823 when Cartago lost in the civil war.  Spectacular places to visit in Cartago are Guayabo National Monument, the ruins of Cartago’s first basilica, the largest Byzantine church that is home to Black Madonna (Costa Rica’s patron saint) and Lankester Botanical Garden where you can view a marvelous collection of plant life, particularly orchids.

You can rent a 2-berdoom condominium in Cartago for as low as $700 per month or purchase a condo unit for $122,000. Single family homes can be rented for $1,500 a month or you can buy one for $63,000.


The province of Guanacaste is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica along the Pacific Ocean coast with a population of 354,154.  The climate in Guanacaste is different from the other parts of Costa Rica as it experiences very little rain and persistent heat from November to April. It is very popular to tourists looking for a reprieve from the North American winter. It boasts of white-sand coast and the beaches offer many types of accommodations. Furthermore tourists can take surf lessons at reasonable prices.  Other activities that can be enjoyed in this region are volcano hike, waterfall exploration, tropical forest exploration, wildlife and conservation tours, and hiking.

The capital city of Guanacaste is Liberia. The Daniel Oduber International Airport is built in Liberia which is the country’s main and only international airport. It is just a few miles from the closest beach making it an ideal gateway to thrilling and wonderful destinations in Costa Rica. Places you should not miss when in Guanacaste are Papagayo, El Coco, Flamingo, Conchal, and Tamarindo.

One bedroom condo unit in Guanacaste can be leased for $425 per month but you can buy a single bedroom condo unit in this province for $50,000. You can find a single family home for lease at $600 and on sale for $80,000.

Herediacosta rica real estate 1

This province is situated in the north-central part of Costa Rica with a population of 433,677. The province is home to diverse environment including primary forests, tropical dry forests and montane forests.

Heredia is the capital city of the province of Heredia and is also known as “The City of Flowers”. It may be small in land area but you can find almost everything Costa Rica has to offer in this thriving town. It is also by far the safest place in all of Costa Rica. While in Heredia make sure to visit Parque Central, Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción, La Casa de la Cultura, Café Britt Farm and  Barva Volcano, located inside Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Apartments and Condos for rent in Heredia start at $600 a month while a single family home starts at $650. If you want to own an apartment or condo in Heredia the price starts at $170 while a single family home may cost you $100,000.


The greater part of Limon is situated on the Caribbean lowlands with the western border increase in altitude because of the Cordillera de Talamanca. It is known to be the most culturally varied among all the Costa Rican provinces, housing an immense number of Afro-Caribbean and aboriginal populace.

The capital city of Limon is Limon which is a flourishing port-city with premium open-air markets and a couple of museums that helps visitors get well-informed and better acquainted with the region. Attractions in Limon are cultural and adventure tours in Bocuare Jungle, Rainforest Aerial Tram, canal ride through Tortuguero National Park and Veragua Rainforest Reserve tour.  

For sale 1 bedroom posh condo unit in Limon is around $129,000 while a 2 bedroom jungle hideaway starts at $85,000.


Puntarenas is located in the western part of the country and is home to 410,929 people. It covers most of Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean coast and is considered as the largest province of the country.

The capital of Puntarenas is Puntarenas which sits along a narrow peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya. It is a significant docking station for cruise ships and the country’s most important fishing port. Activities you can surely enjoy in this province includes sea kayaking, sports fishing, snorkeling tour, tours to Tortuga Island, Waterfall Canopy Tour, Adventure Tours, Aerial Tram and Sport Fishing.

Apartment for rent starts at $350 while single family dwelling start at $600 per month. You can purchase a condo unit for about $109,000 and a single family home for $97,000.

San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the country’s largest and most thriving city with a population of 1,404,242. It is a cosmopolitan city that is the cultural center of the country and a great gateway to outstanding day trips. Places to visit while in San Jose are Plaza de la Cultura, Teatro Nacional, Museo de Oro Precolombino, Museo Numismático and Parque Morazán to name a few.

Condo rentals start at $900 a month while single family house begins at $800 a month. You can find condos for sale for just $60,000 while single family dwellings can be bought for $64,000.

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