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The Charlie, Charlie Demon Fad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Most of us have heard of a OUIJA board.  A board with letters and numbers as well as yes/no they supposedly is a way to talk to the spirit world.  It seems there is a new craze that is sweeping the world and Costa Rica…..Charlie, Charlie.

charlie charlie demon costa rica 1MEP, Costa Rica’s education ministry recommends that both parents and teachers explain the use of social networks to children. The MEP received complaints about a game called Charlie Charlie that emerged on the Internet.

The game starts by balancing pencils in a cross on top of a sheet of paper, dividing it in four parts. Yes and No are written in the boxes and the kids then ask a question to a “demon named Charlie.”

Where the spinning pencil lands has to do with gravity but many children have become fearful of a demon. Parents complain because the kids sleep patterns are affected negatively.

Teachers also complain because students are distracted by and seemingly addicted to this game.

Teaching in school and in the home should advise kids not to play this game as well as not to be fearful of it.

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