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The Bank ATM Scam in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s banks have discovered a total of 20 devices meant to steal credit/debit card data.

The devices are known as skimmers and have been found over the last four months. Skimmers are seized by competent authorities.

Criminal organizations are tracking bank customers’ usage, according to the Costa Rican Banking Association, which believes the figure of 20 to be worrisome. All claims of cloning cards have been in San Jose.

Last weekend, two devices were found, one in a Bank of Costa Rica ATM in La Sabana and one in a supermarket in the capital. The specific locations are not being given out as to not hinder the investigation. They were found thanks to activation of monitoring protocols.

No economic damage was done to any customer.

It is believed that the devices, which can include cameras, are stealing info to send to another country so the fraud can happen off Costa Rican soil.

It is suggested that you cover the keypad with your hand as you enter your pin and that you leave any ATM that gives an error message.

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