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The Art of Growing Grapes for Wine in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is known for coffee and banana plantations but many don’t know that it also has about eight commercial hectares of grapes.

Some of the fruit is sold on the farm to traditional customers.

Harvesting is done in the early hours to preserve the quality of fruit. Some use artificial light in full harvest.

Some of the annual harvests have characteristics suitable for table grapes.

Most of the grape producers, however, chose to make wine above the sale of fresh fruit. This is because, first off, the market is great for strong wines and, secondly, there was the appearance of a bacterium that affects the varieties suitable for table use.

The first harvest is from January to February for sweet fruit and the second is from July to August and is dedicated entirely to wine making because it’s not as sweet.

You can buy the local La Casa and Teber wines in the supermarket.

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