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Legends of Cinnamon

Legends of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very pleasing Earth growing plant. It has a delicious aroma and is popularly used in much of our cooking today. Cinnamon is said to be very good for the health of the heart.It is a reddish brown color and is usually ground up for eating. Cinnamon has its roots in our hearts

Legends of Stone

The legends of stone are immortal pieces of a long forgotten Earth, which remind us of the powerful past, of many civilizations of humans and Gods. The stories that we have collected from previous generations of culture and society, have made their way into modern philosophy and prophecy. We are one race, coming together, into

The Magic and Mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex

The tyrannosaurus rex means “king of the tyrant lizards.” The spirit of the tyrannosaurus is known to be aggressive, beautiful and powerful. The dinosaur is considered to have the strongest bite of any ever known today. There are many species of this creature, yet all are ancient rulers of a distant time and land, which

Fire & Light

The fire is smoke, scorching hot, rising up from the ground and burning bridges. A dangerous desire unleashed in naivety and circumstance has a mixed reaction. The pain felt is above any other and a strong walk on the stone in the heat may cause us to stumble where we step. We may dance on

Spirit & Snow

Magic is in the air all around us. This is in the sense that, we are alive, breathing oxygen, without ever having put it there. We have thoughts that manifest and we create beauty, with our intentions. This energetic field from which, this holiness flows through is known as the spiritual realm. Because snow is

Legion of Altars

An altar is a table or a flat top area that is used for a religious ritual, offerings to a deity, or sacrifices. Many altars today are found as stages, at your work desk, where we eat, and throughout several areas in our houses. My altar is my spirits home. It is the energy that

Witch Vampire Lover

A witch vampire is a hybrid divine creature, that is a mix between a witch and a vampire. In ancient modern mythological terms, this is a moon worshiping deity. A holy connection exists between magick, empathy, love and desire. Tweet

Immortal Storm

The immortal storm is the spirit of all tempests in the universe. The storm can be physical; watering the seeds of the land, or it can be metaphysical and reside within your heart, mind or soul. The immortal storm is healing, powerful and beautiful, springing forth life in all realms. Tweet

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