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Mystery of the Tarot

Mystery of the Tarot

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Let us be light together and unveil the darkness to take it as our own.We will use the pieces of our hearts and create the energy of home. Let us give ourselves to shadows and receive with wisdom, the mystery of the tarot. Tweet

Alien Acropolis

Why do we build temples on the high place of the hill, with stars looking down at us and whisper through the stone windows to them our secrets? Can they hear us, as we plead with them? Do they know us, from their heights, or are we simply misplacing our memories, to try and capture

The Mystical Properties of Teeth

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Deanna Jaxine Stinson had her 4 wisdom teeth removed on 6/17/2016. When she came to from her surgery, she envisioned angels with little white wings in the hallway. Deanna kept her wisdom teeth and with this article, you will see the importance of our teeth. Tweet

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