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Health Advice for Retirees Living in Costa Rica

Health Advice for Retirees Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement News- I have ben told by more than one retiree that just by making making the move they feel rejuvenated. This comes as no surprise to me since relocating to a warmer climate with less stress or just getting out of the “rat race” can make one feel a whole lot better. However,

Senior & Retiree Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica offers various activities for active seniors in groups and those traveling privately. You may choose digital photography walking tours, educational museums, or volunteer day activities. There are botanical gardens to explore, rain forest animals to encounter, kids who will value your help, and holiday festivals to experience with the

Retirees Finding Peace & Safety in CR

Costa Rica Retirement News – According to an article in the local Spanish newspapers, the Index for Global Peace ranks Costa Rica as the third most peaceful country in Latin America. Costa Rica is ranked number 40 in the world and only behind Uruguay at number 24 and Chile at 31. Other highly touted retirement

Many Americans Have Nicknames in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement News – Most North Americans tend to gravitate towards each other when living abroad. Costa Rica is no exception in that we have a large gringo colony and many of them hang out together and develop a sense of camaraderie which is good. Tweet

Retirees in Costa Rica Saving the Whales

Costa Rica News – The area area between Dominical and Coronado along the southern Pacific coast is sometimes referred to as the Whale Coast. Why? Because at certain times during the year it is one of the best spots for watching whales. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Different Cultural Traits

Retiring in Costa Rica –  When you come to retire or live in Costa Rica you might experience “Culture Shock”.You have to realize if you are thinking about living Costa Rica that the culture here is very different. Although there are U.S.-style shopping malls, satellite TV from the U.S, many imported foods from America and

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