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Space: the Final Frontier Comes to Costa Rica’s National Stadium

Costa Rica Entertainment – For the whole month of June there is an exhibition at the National Stadium called “Space: the Final Frontier.”

Space the final frontier costa ricaIt will contain a giant sample of both originals and replicas that take us on a journey through the history of space exploration.

Some things you can see are helmets, a high altitude pressure suit, pilot uniforms, spacesuits, and many more objects. In total there will be over 300 objects to view and learn about.

There will be an exhibit dedicated to the future of space tourism. It’s hard to think that the first person in space was in 1961 and now we are looking at sending people there not only for science but for tourism.

Visitors will leave having much more understanding of key events, people and technological advances that have marked our conquest of space, including Costa Rica’s Franklin Chang.

One station is dedicated to Costa Rica’s part of the story, including plasma engine design and the manufacture of the first Central American satellite.

General admission is ¢10,000 and can be purchased at or 2295-9400.

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