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Sony Commercial Shot in Costa Rica Volcano (Video)

Costa Rica News – Not many commercials get attention anymore. We all have TIVO to skip ads or simply watch TV online to avoid the annoyance. There is one, however, that has captured the eyes of many. 

sony costa rica commercialSony’s latest advertisement literally made jaws drop with the beauty of 8 million colorful flower petals erupting from a Costa Rican volcano. The following scene showed them flowing into a mountain village near the volcano.

Watch it in 1080p on YouTube to see the most mesmerizing version. The ad promotes Sony’s new 4K televisions, such as the 55-inch and 65-inch X9 4K.

The effect of the ad is long-lasting, similar to the Bravia advertisement with thousands of colored rubber balls going down a street in San Francisco.

They use 8 million petals to represent the 8 million pixels in their new 4K screens. The commercial was not made with some fancy computer graphics program. It’s 100% real. That brings life to the images and captures viewers.

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