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Sonoma Paranormal Scouting Mission: The 2nd Assault

Ghosts & The Supernatural – HPI Paranormal Investigator/Sensitive Chantal Apodaca jumps in my car with her ghost hunting equipment and is ready for a paranormal investigative scouting mission in the very haunted town of Sonoma. 

blue wing inn calliforniaShannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe – Owner of HPI is meeting everyone at the very haunted winery called: Buena Vista Winery, located at: 18000 Old Winery Road, Sonoma, CA 95476. While Chantal and I are preparing for the 2nd big congregation at City Hall in Sonoma. At City Hall is where Carla Heine (Historian) will give her initial briefing.

The legendary local historian and paranormal enthusiast Carla Heine takes us to all of the same places as in our first assault. What I will tell you in this article, are the significant findings.

Blue Wing Inn:
At Blue Wing Inn, one of the scouts obtained live video footage of an apparition moving from the balcony to the ground floor. She is placing this video on YouTube, when I have the link, I will share it with the world. I was completely captivated by the video. We also captured an EVP that may have said ‘Roger’? Theresa Pesco captures a photo, I call ‘the face in the tree’, it’s a designer orb that has a distinct looking face inside the orb. Well, it does look like a face….pretty strange.

Sonoma State Hospital:
A scout took a picture of a full body apparition staring out of the window. If and when I obtain this photo, I will also share this photo with the world.

Sonoma Mountain Cemetery and the Sonoma Mountain Cemetery Werewolf:
The legend of this cemetery is that on June 13, 1976, two high school boys made claim to have seen a bi-pedal werewolf in the cemetery and it chased them back to their car. Another couple claimed a bi-pedal wolf creature kept pace with their car as they drove out of the cemetery. Other people claim to hear wolf sounds from the cemetery. Could these eye-witnesses be seeing an American Indian wolf spirit that is protective of this area? I call this wolf creature: The Sonoma Mountain Cemetery Werewolf. While we investigated the cemetery, HPI Paranormal Scout Theresa Pesco captured many designer orb photos. When she enhanced/enlarged the orb photos, there appeared to be faces inside the orbs. Staci Butler captured an EVP that said ‘Stanley’. I looked inside of a mausoleum and saw a small Italian man with a prominent nose looking back at me, I could only see him through my digital camera, when I looked above my camera, he was not there. When I looked back to the screen of my camera, he was still there staring at me. This is the 3rd full body apparition I have seen in my lifetime of paranormal investigating.

House of Carla Heine:
House of Carla Heine at the corner of East Spain Street and 2nd St East. Carla said that when she was growing up in this house, that there were a total of 8 ghosts that resided in this home.

LaCasa Bar and Restaurant:
LaCasa Bar and Restaurant. Bathroom break! Come on, you didn’t think we were going to scout around all day and night and not have a bathroom break. Thank you LaCasa Bar and Restaurant for allowing us to utilize your facilities.

This was a great scouting mission and coordinating this scouting mission only stressed me out two times. One time, when we were lost going to the Sonoma State Hospital and the other time, when my cell phone speaker is no longer working and I have scouts calling me, because they are either running late or cannot locate City Hall. Alas, another scouting mission completed!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
Email: [email protected]

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