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Six Out of Ten Choose All Inclusive Hotels in CR

Costa Rica Travel News – According to Frommers, the top two reasons people choose all inclusive hotels are to save time and receive maximum value. Vacationers don’t want to spend too much time calculating what a vacation is going to cost them and they want to maximum value out of what they are choosing for their hard earned dollar.  It is estimated that six out of ten people look for an all-inclusive hotel packages when searching for a for stress-free and high value vacation in Costa Rica.

Costa-Rica-all-inclusive-hotels-2In the past 10 years luxury travel has exploded in tandem with the Costa Rica real estate boom. Although the real estate market has slowed dramatically from the mid 2000’s, the wake of luxury resorts, development and gated communities resulting from the investment boom have played a tremendous role in Costa Rica’s image as a luxury travel destination. All inclusive vacations are in high demand and are responsible for more than 45% of the Costa Rica tourist industry (according to ICT).

With a large number of luxurious accommodations, which focus on your every desire, all inclusive hotels offer visitors every possible extravagance. They deliver spa services, fine dining, an array of experiences from rain forest hiking, to whale and dolphin watching excursions, to simply lying at the beach and soaking the hot tropical sun while being served umbrella drinks directly to your beach chair.

Whether you are looking for a private condominium with all the facilities or a five star luxury suite, there is a vast selection of Costa Rica all inclusive hotels to choose from especially along the Pacific coastline. All inclusive hotels are a top choice amongst luxury travelers because they offer a variety of activities, pampering and fantastic cuisine which for the busy parent or executive is the perfect choice as they don’t have to worry about travel planning and scheduling, they simple show up and select what they want, when they want.

If the thought of keeping track of what you are spending on dining, drinks, tips and activities stresses you out and you are more interested in relaxing at one resort rather than running around to lots of different places, then an all-inclusive vacation may be right for you too.

Terrance Johnson

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