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Silly Excuses to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Drivers all know that appealing a ticket will likely buy them years of time to collect the money or will even exempt them from the fine after an absurd fight so they continue to appeal even the most obviously justified tickets such as driving without a license or without an inspection.

Between 2011 and 2016, 148,000 challenges have been received that are still pending resolution of the Cosevi.

There are only 45 lawyers to handle these and no objection can be turned away before being seen by a lawyer.

The organization has started to handle cases from this year before the older ones to avoid the notion that an appeal will buy years of time.

Still, if the offender presents witnesses, a hearing must be called, which further delays the process and takes cops off the streets to be in court.

Here are some of the ridiculous excuses that have been received:

  • I fainted.
  • There was mechanical damage.
  • It was an involuntary error.
  • The ticket was unfair.
  • It was bad luck.
  •  had a personal emergency.
  • I’m guilty but have no money to pay the fine.
  • I’m guilty but forgive me because I have children, study at night or just started a business deal.
  • My companion had a medical emergency.

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